Honey, olive oil and vinegar. It’s a classic combination for dressing salads and greens, offering great flavor, and when enjoyed in moderation, healthful benefits. In celebration of Heart Health Month, we’re excited to partner on a special giveaway, offering Honey Ridge Farms raw honey crèmes, balsamic honey vinegar and the Healing Powers of Olive Oil Book.
Researched and written by health and wellness author, Cal Orey, this newly revised, updated digest size book reveals why chefs, doctors, and nutritionists all love extra virgin olive oil—a key ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet--and why other healthful oils from vegetables, fruits, and nuts are not far behind.
You'll find easy recipes for satisfying foods like Pizza Baguettes with Garlic Oil, Fudgy Coconut Oil Brownies, Honey-Citrus-Olive Oil Fruit Kabobs, and Macadamia Nut Oil Cookies.
Also included: home cures that beat colds and reduce pain, beauty and household secrets, and pet care tips that really work!
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